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Modern Minimalistic 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at 233C Sumang Lane

Minimalism has become quite popular over the years as a design choice and way of life. Minimalist interior design is about achieving better design through simplicity – a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and colour. Minimalist design also shows restraint and a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity.

Minimalism is also about keeping a space simple, uncluttered and accentuating the attractive architectural features of a space. The palette is mostly monochromatic and colour is used as an accent.

The first thing that will catch your eye in this living room is how clean and spacious it looks. Keeping to an almost neutral colour palette with colours like black, white and brown help keep the room looking uncluttered and really accentuates the space.

A simple black tv and tv console against white wall will never go wrong if you’re going for a simple and clean look. Fancy a feature wall while still staying within the boundaries of a modern minimalist home? A simple grey stripe across your walls can do the trick while not going too overboard.

A simple way to add in a pop of colour into a modern minimalist home is to do it in subtle manners like this altar’s backsplash.

Keeping with the neutral colour palette of the house, the kitchen follows a classic monochromatic theme. This helps with making the space feel spacious and uncluttered. The white cabinets and flooring also brighten up the space in the day when natural lights flows in from the yard.

A black fridge is a smart way to add in a colour contrast against the rest of the full white kitchen.

This kitchen is also fixed up with glass windows where a wall was previously standing. This helps with brightening the space up and making it look bigger than it really is. It is also  good for when you have to entertain guests.

Just outside the kitchen is a simple monochromatic dining set, circle instead of square to accommodate more people if needed. Lighting with wood elements also hang directly above the dining space to brighten up the area.

In the first bedroom, blue is the first thing that meets your eye. The owners have converted this space into a walk-in wardrobe with floor to ceiling built in cupboards lining both the walls of the room.

The second bedroom is also simple and minimalistic and also follows a minimalistic colour palette.

A subtle pop of colour is added to the room with the blue in the built-in cabinets.

The bathroom is simple with grey, white and black elements.

The third bedroom is also simple and minimalistic with its interior while staying with the neutral colour palette of the entire home.

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