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Modern 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Punggol Waterway Terraces

Modern interior design has been popular in homes, offices and public spaces for decades. While not suitable for everyone’s tastes, modern design can be a strong selling point for a home, with buyers likely to appreciate the clean lines and simplicity that help define modern design as a major aesthetic style.

The living room boasts a modern look while also sticking to a neutral colour palette. Nothing too drastic colour-wise with sleek looking furniture really helps to tie the modern interior look together. A black colour ceiling fan adds a nice colour contrast against the neutral colour palette of the rest of the room. The silver chrome lighting fixated above the dining set is an interesting feature that adds character and flair to the living room.

From an alternate angle of the living room, you can see that a lot of black has been incorporated into the design. It matches well with the neutral colour palette of the room and stands out against the light-coloured wooden flooring. Behind the tv, a feature wall with two mirrored panels at the side stands out, while also giving the illusion that the room is much bigger than it is.

A false drop-down ceiling can be seen in the living room, lights that run along the edges of the false ceiling have been installed, brightening up the room effortlessly while also keeping in tune with the modern interior design of the house.

Shelves have been installed behind the main door of the house, this is a nice and stylish touch to add more display and storage place, while not making the space look too cluttered.

In the bedroom, built in cabinets can be seen. They ensure that you have enough storage space.

Sticking to the neutral colour palette of the house, the bedroom gives off a cosy feel, perfect to come home to after a long day at work. An interesting and fun touch to the room is the window seat, your very own space to relax and enjoy a good book or the view.

The bedroom also boasts a cream coloured feature wall. A lot of wooden elements have also been incorporated into the design with the platform that holds the bed, cabinets, flooring and bedroom door.

Looking to try something new for new house? Opt for a platform to place your mattress on instead of an ordinary bedframe. Platform beds add character and flair to your bedroom that a bedframe cannot. Lighting can also be installed in the platform to brighten up the room even more.

Floor to ceiling built in wardrobes can be seen in this bedroom, ensuring that you have ample space to store your belongings while still looking modern and sleek.

In the toilet, a neutral colour palette is also seen in the interior. Wooden cabinets against a light-coloured floor really stand out.

In the kitchen, dark colours have been the chose colour palette. The black countertops look sleek and modern and go perfectly together with the dark wooden cabinets under the sink.

The white glossy cabinets above the countertops brightens up the space effortlessly as it stands out from the dark colours in the rest of the room. A silver fridge also blends into the design seamlessly, bringing the entire look of the room together.

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