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Modern Condominium Home Interior Design at The Nautical Condominium

There is simplicity in modern interior design that has given it everlasting relevance. Modern homes have clean lines and are without fuss, yet they can be comfortable and cosy.

Once you step foot into this beautiful home, the first thing that greets your eye is a shoe cabinet that lines the entire wall span of the corridor.

The shoe cabinet is also conjoined to a seating area for people to sit and wear their shoes comfortably.

In modern homes, a neutral colour palette is usually followed. As with this home, the use of grey, white and brown can be seen. The owners however, have opted to add in a splash of colour into the room by adding in a blue couch.

Floor to ceiling built in cabinets and drawers can help to expand any home’s storage space and fill any empty spaces a room might have. In this case, the home owners have done the same but choose to utilise the extra space to create their own little coffee corner.

A feature wall always elevates a room’s look to another level. A white marbled backsplash with attached shelving has been put together for this home owners. A display cabinet can also be enacted to display your any art or knick-knacks that you might have.

The balcony has been fully fixed up with blinds. These blinds can help with keeping the sun and heat out on a particular sunny day, or to give you the privacy that you need.

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