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Modern Condominium Home Interior Design at Blk 11 Lakeville

Modern design encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. In its simplest terms, modern interior design refers to the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home

This living room follows a neutral colour scheme and making use of colours like grey, black and brown. Modern interiors also tend to incorporate different elements into its design.

Instead of opting for couch or a sofa, the homeowners decided to go for two fluffy chairs in pink and purple. This is one such way you can incorporate colours into the design of your modern home.

Just a few steps away from the living room is the dining area. It features a modern dining set, also following the colour scheme of black, grey and brown. A built-in altar completes the modern look.

The first bedroom features a platform style bed that allows you to store things underneath it in its two pull out drawers.

A fun striped partial feature wall also brings the room to life, giving it some character of its own without going overboard.

Matching the colours of your platform bed, feature wall and closet can help the space look less cluttered and messy.

The design of the bathroom is simple yet modern. Dark wood against lighter coloured wall and floor tiles make for a good colour contrast. If you have wall space to spare, opt for wider length mirrors to maximise the use of the space. Mirrors also help a room look much bigger than it seems and can also help brighten a space up.

A fully enclosed shower area helps keep the rest of the bathroom dry during showers.

Platforms beds are a perfect modern touch to a bedroom. Not only do they maximise the use of the space in your room, but they also double up as additional storage space. Lighting can be installed under the platform to act as a nightlight after the sun sets.

The second bedroom has been converted into a study area. With grey floor to ceiling built-in cabinets for storage and keeping clutter a bay. A dark brown border along the edges of the cabinets gives a good colour contrast against the light grey colours of the cabinet’s doors and white flooring.

The dark brown border also matches the built-in desk perfectly.

Invisible grills can be added onto the grills of the balcony for additional safety.

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