Completed Projects

Industrial 3 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Bukit Purmei Road

Industrial design is about adding a raw, unfinished look to an interior to add an extra flair by displaying building materials like wood and metal surfaces, that people often opt to conceal. An industrial home design owner is often a unique individual with a bold attitude who is willing to take risks at life, your home should reflect your personality.

Industrial design living room and common area

The exposed metal pipes lining the ceiling and walls gives the room the extra pop of colour contrast against the room’s warm colour palette. The exposed pipes also match other metal elements in the room like the table, track lights, lighting and book shelves, bringing the entire design together. Wood elements in the floor and tv console also enhances the entire design, giving it an unfinished warehouse look.

Industrial design Dining room with glass doors and hanging lights

An open concept kitchen with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors gives this house an illusion that it is much bigger than it seems, while also giving you an option of closing the space off when necessary.

In the kitchen, metal and wood elements are further emphasized in the cupboarding, shelving and lighting. The warm lighting against these elements give the kitchen a cosy feel, with a bold touch.

industrial design toilet with wooden tiles and metal piping
cupboard wardrobe with wooden sliding doors

In the bathroom, light coloured wooden tiles give the illusion of a brighter and cleaner space. The exposed metal piping against the wooden tiles bring a fancy touch to the space. The dark flooring is a bold and striking colour contrast which ties the look together.

In the bedroom, floor to ceiling built in wooden cupboards give you sufficient storage space.

industrial design bedroom with wooden bed frame

In an alternate angle of the bedroom, wood elements are once again emphasized in the flooring, bed frame and bed side table giving the room a cosy and homely feel, perfect to end your day in. Metal piping lining the wall and metal track lights once again give the room a pop of colour and contrast and also a true industrial feel.

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